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what is printer, types, and history

Welcome to the page on What is a Printer, Have you ever used a printer? Yes, it must have been used at some time, so today we are going to give you all the information related to the printer. So what are we, printers today? Let’s talk about the type of printer and the history of the printer.

History Of Printer

Today we are going to talk about the History of Printers when the printers started around 1938. When Chester Cortson invented a printing process called Electrophotography commonly known as Xerox, it was around this time that laser printers proliferated.

Designed by Charles Babbage for his Difference Engine in the 19th century. And it was the first computer printer with a mechanical drive device.

The first electronic printer device released in 1968 was the EP-101, invented by a Japanese company EPSON.

The development of the original laser printer called EARS began in 1969 at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center and was completed by 1971. Gary Starkweather was a Xerox engineer, he designed Colorson’s Xerox copier technology and added a laser beam to it to come with the laser printer.

According to Xerox Corporation in 1977, the first Xero Graphics Laser Printer product of the Xerox 9700 electronic printing system was released. With the “EARS” printer that was ahead in laser scanning assays, character generation electronic, and page formatting software, it was the first PARC machine.

The first used typewriters as a daisy wheel system in the 1980s and used dot matrix printers to blend text and graphics at faster speeds. Along with this, the quality of printing was low.

In the 19th century, they used plotters for high-quality line art like blueprints.


What is Printer

The printer is an electronic device, it is used to print as a hard copy of the processed data on the computer. It is a type of output device of the computer which reduces the conversion of soft copy to hard copy in the computer. And the printer gives us the output in hard copy.

A lot of printer work is done with the computer and it is connected to the computer with the cable. Nowadays, many types of digital devices support many features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Cloud technology using remote technology that can work even remotely.

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Do you know?

CPS, LPM, and PPM units are used to measure printer speed –

  1. CPS – Characters Per Second
  2. LPM – Line Per Minute
  3. PPM – Page Per Minute


Type of Printer

The type of Printer has different types. We can divide the printer into different parts. First, depending on the capacity of the printer, and second – depending on the method of printing. So let’s know the whole information.

Depending on the capacity of the printer

1.Character Printer – A printer that prints a character is called a character printer. Like typewriters have characters. Its speed quality is known by the character of the character. Ex: – Daisy Wheel Printer, Dot Matrix Printer |

2.Line Printer – A printer that prints the entire line at one time is called a line printer. Its quality is known from the minute on the line. Ex: – Chain Printer, Band Printer |

3.Page Printer – A printer that prints a whole page at one time is called a page printer. Its quality is known on the page from the minute. Ex: laser printer


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Depending on how you print

Impact Printer –

In this, due to pressure collision, such as a printer that prints the ribbon and character on the paper, it is called an impact printer. An impact printer is a printer in which a letter of force is printed on the paper from the printing head. It is of two types: –

1.Dot Matrix Printer – 

  • There is a print head that prints due to collision with paper.
  • They can be printed one color at a time, hence it is also called a monochrome printer.
  • It is a character printer that prints through dots.
  • Its quality is known by the dot on the inch (DPI).
  • It is mainly used in accounting and billing.
  • Graphs and drawings cannot be drawn by a Sprinter.
  • The speed of a dot matrix printer is measured by the number of printed squares (CPS) per second.

2.Daisy Wheel Printer – 

  • It is like a wheel with characters made on the outer side.
  • You cannot print graphics or pictures in them.
  • It is also a character printer.

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Non-Impact Printer

It does not hurt the paper with the printer, but the ink spray is done on paper in various ways, which is printed. Graphics, graphs, text can get any type of print color. It is of three types –

1.Laser Printer

  • It prints with the help of a laser beam. The laser used in these is Semi Conder.
  • It uses dry ink which is charged.
  • It is also both mono and color.
  • This page belongs to the printer.
  • Both its quality and speed are high.
  • It is mainly used in DTP – Desk Top Publishing.
  • The print quality is 300 (DPI – Dots Per Inches).

2.Inkjet Printer – 

  • This cartage consists of three chambers filled with wet inks of red, green, and blue, and a mixture of these colors results in a color print.
  • It is both mono and color.
  • The cartridge is used for ink.
  • The print strand with the help of an inkjet.
  • Its speed is low and expensive.
  • It is a line printer.
  • It has good print quality.
  • The print quality is 300 (DPI – Dots Per Inches).

3.Thermal Printer – 

  • Ink is not used in this.
  • Thermochromic paper is used which is chemical-rich paper.
  • It has a heater (heat effect) which blackens the page.
  • Its speed is faster than all printers.
  • A thermal printer is a type of bed printer.

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What is Printer Driver

Have you ever heard of Printer Driver? It is like a type of software that has to be installed on the computer. Some drivers are already provided on the computer, but we have to do some manual installation.

When we add an output device like a computer, printer, scanner, etc., they all have different drivers. Along with the printer, all computers already have drivers installed and the rest we have to install manually.

Drivers are required to run any output device on the computer because without the driver the computer is not able to do this work.


What is Printer Toner

Toner is a type of powder used in laser printers. Toners are mostly made of fine ground polyester which is a type of plastic material.

Remind you that toner is always more expensive than ink. You may know that toner is used in laser printers and ink is used in inkjet printers.

You will use a printer somewhere and if you print a lot of pages, use a laser printer and if you want to print only a few pages for years, you can use an inkjet printer.


Conclusion –

Friends today we have a history of printers, What is a printer, and how many types? This information is given through this article.

How did you like this article, let us know by commenting. I hope you liked the complete information about the printers. Similarly, to know the information about the printers, visit our website and share it with your friends and family.

Thank you.

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